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Our Mission

We are a team of creatives and engineers, with experience from startup to global brands

A distributed partnership of senior creatives and engineers working in collaboration across the UK & Europe, we add value through experience, and add efficiency through technology and up to date working practices.

Many of the team have worked together for years either at other agencies or in startups. Personally, we have worked with some of biggest brands in the world including Aviva, Royal Mail, Coca Cola, ITV, BBC, PlayStation. And our successes range from several successful exits in tech, to a bronze medal in life saving (aged 16).

In 2009, Will and Evgeniy met on Skype for the first time to build Vizzihome (acquired by Zoopla in 2013). Since then, we have been preaching the good word of working remotely - yet it's taken a pandemic for many others to catch on. Our model tried, tested and refined over a decade of remote working. We are able to work with great talent, wherever in the world they may be. Transparently is a core value, and we're one of the few agencies who provide real-time access to our project management software, offerings clients an unrivaled view of where their project's at.

Our name comes from the bearing of latitude that passes through the Peak District, one of England’s national parks, famous for its wild fells, exposed crags and high moors. This line represents the connection between the creative forces at work in our business, independent yet collaborative.

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