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We had the unique opportunity to collaborate with the esteemed professional climber and entrepreneur, Hazel Findlay, on her thrilling venture, Strong Mind. Strong Mind is a burgeoning enterprise revolving around mental training for climbing, an exciting and unexplored niche.

Strong Mind
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Strong Mind
Strong Mind

About this Project

We were enlisted to craft and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy, design and engineer an innovative website, and to provide pivotal strategic counsel throughout the journey.

The culmination of our collaborative efforts resulted in a series of successful product launches. Furthermore, we delivered a highly dynamic and robust website, enriched by a continued stream of diverse marketing themes and styles. This project, truly a synergy of vision and expertise, highlighted our commitment to innovative solutions fit for athletes and adventurers such as Hazel.

About Strong Mind

Strong Mind coaching exists to try to provide climbers and other athletes/performers with the tools, practices and strategies they need to manage their fears instead of being limited by them so they can perform at their best.

When Hazel was young she noticed that the mind was the biggest variable in how climbers performed, how quickly they progressed through the sport and how much they enjoyed it. Yet we have very few resources in the climbing community and the adventure sports community as a whole to help us build a strong mind for the things we love most.

Although Hazel is a professional climber and very much focused on her own climbing she could see a real demand in the climbing community for psychological coaching services.

Over the last 7 years, Hazel has been expanding her coaching business and the creation of the Strong Mind course and business is at the core of her vision to increase access to mental training resources and coaches in the community.

Project Details

  • Client
    Strong Mind
  • Industry
    Adventure Sports
  • Type of Work
    Website Design
    Print, OOH & Display
    Animation & Motion Design
    Website Development
    Content Marketing
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