Figma becomes primary design tool at North 53º

September 10, 2020

We have been working with several new tools internally for a while now, and after some testing, we have decided to stop using InVision for sharing designs and receiving feedback.

Moving forward, we will instead provide a view-only link directly to the artwork in our design software, Figma. Key benefits and reasons for this change are as follow:

Real-time access

Your new links will let you view changes and updates in real-time i.e. if you’re viewing the design at the same time as one of our team, you’ll see their cursor moving.

Improved collaboration

We can now have multiple clients and designers collaborating on the same file at once.

Faster pipeline

We now have zero downtime when sharing designs between team members or clients. Removing InVision also removes a 3rd party application that added extra steps to our internal process.

Even better comment mode

Because clients and designers are now directly linked through one platform, we’ll get your feedback faster and your amends made sooner.

Instant cloud backups

Your artwork has never been safer with version control and instant backups across all files.

After we share a link to new design work, clients will need to create a free account with Figma, as they did previously with InVision (you can do this via email or single sign-on with Google). After that, it’s as simple as before. Clients can find comment mode by selecting the speech bubble in the top left, drop a pin where they want to add the comment, and they're done. Should you want to print the designs, you can easily export them as PDFs by following the menu options shown below.

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